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In that case please contact us as well. We kindly request you to supply us with an answer to the following questions:

In what language is the original text written and in what language would you like to have it translated?
How many words does the text contain?
When would you like the text to be ready?
In which computer format would you like to deliver the text?


LumatDavid B.V. Translation Services
C.G.L.M. de Hartogh-van de Boel BBA

Postbus 52
6880 AB Velp

E-mail: caroline@lumatdavid.nl
Telefoon: +31(0)26-389 35 49
Fax: +31(0)26-389 36 20
Mobiel: +31(0)6-53 14 6332

Chamber of Commerce Arnhem: 09108789
Delivery conditions available on request